Terms & Conditions

  1. Up to date vaccination certificate is required, certify that the vaccination was administered within the preceding 12 months, and a minimum of 2 weeks before admission. 
  2. All cats must be desexed.
  3. Cats must have flea prevention applied within the month with approved treatments such as Advocate, Frontline, Revolution or Advantage. Please bring an additional dose to be administered during stays longer than a month.
  4. All clients are asked to sign an agreement authorising provision of necessary veterinary treatment. Cat Kingdom will provide care by a veterinarian if deemed necessary and in the cat’s best interest. The owners will be responsible for all costs involved. We will make every effort to try and contact the owners before hand, but necessary action will be taken if the client is unable to be reached.
  5. Refusal of boarding for cats that display signs of contagious illness upon arrival, for example; inflamed eyes, ocular discharge, conjunctivitis, sneezing, coughing, nasal discharge, tongue/mouth ulcers etc
  6. Cats will be isolated if they display any signs of contagious illness during their stay.
  7. Cats not collected 2 weeks after collection date will be surrendered to the appropriate authorities.
  8. All reasonable care will be taken but no responsibility is accepted for injury, death, loss of an animal or property while in our care.
  9. For all cats requiring medication through out their stay additional charges will apply on top of their daily boarding fee, this includes tablets, injections or creams. All medication will need to be supplied by your veterinarian and be clearly labelled.
  10. A deposit is required at time of booking, all deposits are non refundable. Deposits that are not received within 1 week, where no contact has been made, will result in cancellation of the booking. Payment is required in full, at time of admission.
  11. Over the Christmas holidays, any cancellations made within 7 days of the booking, will result in 50% of the total cost required to be paid. Any cancellations made within a 24hr period of any booking, will result in being charged full payment. 
  12. Any cats picked up prior to the end booking date will not be eligible for a refund.
  13. During the Christmas period a minimum booking of 7 days applies.

Booking Enquiries

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